Shipping & Processing: 

  • United States: 3-5 days (2-5 days for shipping)
  • International:  5-10 days (1-2 weeks for shipping)

International Shipping Disclaimer:

We are not responsible for any customs fees upon picking up your package. 

Returns & Exchanges:

  • I will ONLY refund you if it's within 24 hours of when you've ordered. No later than that.
  • For Ready to ship items, PLEASE read what phone type it's for before purchasing. I will not offer a refund because you purchased the wrong item.
  • I am not responsible for lost packages, once they have left my hands it is out of my control.
  • If you receive a broken item, please contact me AS SOON as you get the package and I will try my best to help you.

Product Quality Disclaimer:

My pieces are made by my very own hands and thus may come with small imperfections. Please take this into consideration when purchasing!

Allergy Disclaimer:

My pieces are made from various materials that may be harsh for individuals with sensitive skin issues. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to industrial adhesives, epoxies, silicone or scented oils, please purchase with caution. I am confident that for normal customers this should not be a problem, this is only for highly sensitive individuals with known severe allergies.