♡For resin charm/keychain care, please check description for each item listing♡

♡How durable are your decoden cases?

Very Durable! My cases are made with 100% silicone, and the pieces will not come off even if you accidentally drop it or pull on it. The pieces are made from resin/polymer clay so they should be durable as well. However, if you believe there is a mistake within your case, I would be glad to fix it!

♡I just received my case, how can I make the strong odor go away?

My cases are made with 100% silicone. New silicone tends to give a strong odor for the first couple of days! The smell WILL GO AWAY after a couple days of taking it out of the package! I recommend you place it in a well ventilated area to make the odor go away. I also scent my silicone with oils like the kind you use for soap and candles, to help with the strong silicone smell.

♡How can I remove the dust from my case?

Silicone on decoden cases can collect dust frequently but can be easily cleaned using these tips: The best way to clean your case is by using a piece of tape to remove the dust particles. Run the tape along each crevasse so it can pick up the dust particles.You may also use a wet cotton swab or baby wipe to collect the dust.Cleaning your case gently & frequently can help it last longer.